Ted Talks

Discovered this video on Ted Talks regarding design and how we can revolutionise it if we can incorporate the 5 senses to optimise our experience of any product.

The 5 senses





Millennials are discovering that the things they value are unique, more expressive, sustainable, and exclusive – they increasingly don’t ‘do’ average.

That is why they view luxury as things that are, rather narcissistically, perhaps, co-created. If millennials can inject their personality and perspective into a product, then it’s going to be at the very least ‘un-average’, and, possibly, unique.

This makes things more meaningful, and no one can ever take that away from them. For them, a luxury is something that demonstrates not wealth and status, but their own uniqueness – their experiences, their ideas, their story. And for Generation Z, this is even more of a focus. They are constructing their own individual identities, which have nothing to do with ‘norms’ or definitions.

From this article I realised that a personalised approach is key, and that I was diverting away from my original ideas which would have responded to this method of targeting GeNZ perfectly. Similar to Lazy Oaf, my store will keep the customers updated through email and because the greenest paper is no paper at all. I decided to take an eco-friendly approach and keep things digital whenever possible. This gives members easier access to the most current Synaesthesia products at their convenience!


Source: http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/article/1370716/future-average-why-millennials-gen-z-striving-unique

Jeff Staple 


In this video, Jeff Staple gives me an insight into the processes of successful Product Marketing, from a directors point of view. He discusses in detail the different elements of marketing from planning, to finding the right locations and models, through to executing the photo shoot and making selects of the best photos which will promote the final product.