Visualising the Pop up store

The pop up shop on tour is a great idea to lure a range of demographic customers in the area. Additionally it’s great way of promoting the store ethos and look personally, reaching out to target consumers and testing the waters to see if any improvements are required. Whilst this idea has its benefits I would much rather prefer to have my pop up shop in a fixed place where customers within the catchment area will always be able to access it. This way I can focus more on building a reputation of the store through a range of promotional techniques such as social media to target GenZ’ers as well as word of mouth, billboards and personalised invites with discounts.

What appeals to me about the store with drawn on furniture is that it creates the illusion of space and the drawings themselves are playful. I’d definitely incorporate this into my shop, along with the lurid illumination on the white walls to animate the drawings and create more of an ambiance.



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