Insightful Video on Colour 

Modern Colour

Here Jessica speaks of a new colour direction occurring, and loosely links colour to music which relates to my concept. What I found relevant was her comments on the significant shifts in colour, for example the naughties were highly defined by neons and intensive colours, including synthetic fibres, golds and glitter… Why? Because it was processed and technology driven. For a while trends were homogenised and corporate or brand driven where couture labels were cool but now due to cultural shifts, this isn’t the case as indie brands, led by individual designers, emerge. What’s more, with the rising of cultural tribes people are becoming more conscious of how they dress, and one can tell what music they listen to simply by how they dress, where they live, and how they go about their lives. Relates to “Indigenous expression“, people are starting to learn their cultural narratives and expressing it about themselves or where they find inspiration.

Source: Skillshare, Jessica Colaluca, Founder, Design Seeds.

Today colour never comes on its own. When we discuss colour we speak of volume and we describe matter. That is the way we see and actually feel colour.” – Li Edelkoort

The quote above inspired me to call my Pop up store Synaesthesia. It made me think of all our senses, and I want my concept to evolve around consumers experiencing more than just the sight of the colours. I wanted to harmonise this with music since my shop concept was originally inspired by festivals; thus encouraging me to think about my logo. I considered a couple of design ideas; the first one being with the help of clipping masks so the store name would have texture within the text, and that way it would bring one’s third sense ‘touch’ and involve interaction, similar to that of the Promostyl Trendbook which have swatches of fabric to feel and have a play with. My other idea was to focus on the sounds and create a visual of a soundwave of someone saying Synaesthesia. Below are the deisgn ideas.



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