Pop Up Shop Concept

My concept for my pop up shop is inspired by festivals, I’d like to create a space where people are curious to find trendy, current styles that have a nostalgic but also futuristic vibe.

I browsed Instagram, a major social media channel to successfully target GenZ and discovered Minimicrogram’s page which provided me with the perfect colour palette for the vision I had of my concept store. What’s more, these ‘synthetic’ looking colours are images of different chemical reactions happening under a Polarised lit microscope and I already planned on making this unit interdisciplinary, so the idea of collaborating with the chemistry department excited me.

Further research: https://karlgaff.wordpress.com/polarised-light-microscopy/

Below is an illustration I’ve done incorporating these chemical reactions into the outfit. I’ve chosen to use this specific print on the skirt as it’s vibrant and busy and reflects the repetitive, instrumental style of the genre of techno music played at many festivals which is very popular among GenZ’ers. I went with cassets from the 80’s for the loose shirt to bring back that nostalgic feel.




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