Iris Apfel: Legendary Collector of Fashion

This Documentary is fascinating in the sense that Iris thrives and blooms in the fashion industry even amidst all the exhausting interviews you see her attend and despite her age hindering her at times (which is revealed towards the end). At the start Iris jumps right in and talks of individuality and to go with your ‘gut’ when picking outfits, “I like to improvise. As though I’m playing Jazz. Try this, try that.” Later on in the film she elaborates on this, ‘The involvement and process is better than the wearing’ and flaunting of the outfit…“It’s about getting dressed for the party and not being in the party”

What I admired about Iris is that she has drive, although it was a brief scene, the documentary did cover her role as a professor in helping Fashion Students at the University of Texas. “I’d been critiquing the fashion work at UT at the end of each season, and I was just appalled at the lack of knowledge these students had about how the fashion industry works. I thought, Well, there must be wonderful, lucrative jobs in areas like licensing and style forecasting. Things like that. So I told UT—they were after me to do something—that we should educate those kids about these kinds of opportunities.” In the scene Iris keeps it old school by taking the students on a field trip to visit handcrafted trades and experience different real world situations, and speak to designers in the field. She describes how the students  “may be very well trained in their craft, but haven’t got a clue as to the outside world”.  This was quite informative in helping me consider how I could feed this into FAD and I simply have to be aware and keep my eyes peeled for anything and everything that will be of inspiration.

In the film Iris describes how there is a loss of individuality in style, for my concept I aim to revitalize that individuality in my consumers through the layers and colours of the outfits. If people conform when choosing their outfits they pretty much lose out on all that creative experience.



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