Semiotics of Fashion


The immature look trends typically amongst those who belong to Generations Y & Z. The mood-board I’ve created illustrates an idea of this style which includes flat, practical shoes, loose clothing, busy patterns and bright colours inspired by cartoon characters such as Spongebob. A lot of vintage clothes can be under this semiotic such as dungarees from the 90’s and turtlenecks and crop tops from the 80’s.


To depict the feminine look I compiled clothes which define us as women, and are currently in vogue. Whilst browsing for looks to represent femininity, skirts was what stood out especially the tea length skirts that define the waist, originating from the 60’s. Softer, pastel tones, sheer fabrics and floral prints became an occurring theme as they imply delicacy as opposed to a tom boy look.

After having created the mood board I felt it was too busy to illustrate the look and slightly overwhelming as the pinks drowned out the different styles, meanwhile the immaturity mood board was chaotic enough for each piece to stand out. So I noticed bows were an occurring theme that depict femininity and I created a more simple mood board, focusing on one theme and harmonising the colours.


Yoga pants are trendy again, this reminds me of the 80’s aerobics and fitness craze where there was a hype over headbands, leg warmers, leotards and leggings. Currently to demonstrate health a casual, sporty style is adopted. Funky trainers and marbled colours are popular for this look. Logos are also common in sportswear.

“As comfort competes for a place in the fashion arena during NYFW, sports brands jump on board the runway.” WGSN’s Sarah Owen reports: New York Fashion Week: Sportswear




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