Find of the week! 

Fascinating short video by Moli Studio recognised for creating motion graphics. From what I interpreted the scenes depict the mundane, routine lives we lead… Not only through capturing the robots that stead our place (which is brilliantly, clever imagery, since it could be argued we ourselves are organic robots), but it is also reinforced through the choice of soft, mono-colour pastels used on the machines and the the tasks they adhere to, which reiterates how many of us might feel in the 9-5 grind of this hum-drum society. To me the composition of the film hits the nail on the head in sending across a message with the ‘sense of getting nowhere’ which is also reiterated in the title, “Endless”


The film really made me question if we’re “living” and realise how we never step back and stop to look from an outsiders perspective and think about how we approach a task (i.e. the scene with tshirts on the rail) was an eye opener and made me feel guilt in how much time I can spend, on choosing an outfit to attend something as simple as a meal. This underlines how easy it is for one to get caught up in the current of society’s expectations if we don’t revise the importance of our choices. An example of this (triggered and inspired by the scene of the machine clicking through the channels on the remote control) would be to reconsider living beyond the 2D box even if it’s stepping out of your comfort zone. Otherwise you’ll never know or appreciate the difference between, experiencing something visually v.s physically challenging oneself to… say, climb Mount Everest! This also links to generationZ as the scene in the video could be mocking those who watch pointless reality TV and how this has become a growing market.

I am seriously taken aback by how this short video has provoked so much thought in me and I could explore much more, however if I were to link it back to my current project, responding, I aspire and would be so lucky to generate something that’s equally as simple, yet effective in communicating strong messages to the viewer.

It links perfectly with generations as some consider our time the credit era (perfectly portrayed in the credit card scene) could be a factor as to why we’re existing in a monotonous society since everyone’s in debt. To illustrate this point The Fox Is Black described the video as “hypnotic”… Perhaps we are so ‘hypnotised’ by our phones and other devices that no one stops to smile or say good morning, for GenZ this is habitual and has become accepted as a norm. 


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