Visual Report

Analysing resources that visually communicate the influences on, and aspirations of the demographic groups I’ll be focusing on.

Promostyl Influences : the future of your creations

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 15.44.39

After having visited the library I took out the SS17 trend book influences & design. What was appealing was the layout of the ring-binded folder and the way the themes all had a dedicated materials and prints page each. The pros would definitely be the visual content which was not necessarily fashion influenced, but everything else.


Above is the final moodboard for each theme, the textures and colours in this one in particular is aesthetically pleasing.

If i were to critically analyse this I’d have to say the writing was sometimes not necessary, but useful nonetheless as it explained each theme briefly as the titles for each theme were misleading with ambiguous descriptors. There was no actual contents page so hard to navigate around.



Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 17.10.25.png

This resource was more useful than the Promostyl books as everything is all on the same website and one can refine their search so it is a lot easier to navigate around. However, because of this when considering factors such as colour palette one might need to check these for WGSN as it is on a screen whilst with Promostyl it’s on paper therefore more accurate and interactive. This doesn’t mean to say that WGSN isn’t interactive as there are also tabs for videos and they have an app so it’s compatible and accessible on your phone.

I learnt the difference between early reports WGSN create to predict what’s going to be trending in the next 2 -5 years and give an over view of where the industry is going. Meanwhile a focus on colour, fabric and finishes happen closer to season, featuring the key style trends that will be coming up within the next 6 months to 1 year.

I’ve realised that fashion forecasting and and trends are more for commercial profit nonetheless, it will be useful to understand a demographic audience who we’ll have to direct our work to in the future.


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