Responding: Demographics 

For the Responding Unit we’re exploring the categories of different generations.

Silent generation, baby boomers, millennials etc

Baby Boomers grew up in an ever-changing environment.

“Once you have seen a man walk on the moon, anything seems possible. So when it came to fashion, this generation thought outside the box. A new sense of individualism was expressed in what they wore.”

Many Baby Boomers were coming of age in the tumultuous 60s and their fashion trends began to break down conventional barriers. The conservative pastel-coloured poodle skirts and white bobby socks of the 50s faded into the background as quickly as the skirt length was shrinking. The anything goes attitude set the stage for bold colours and kaleidoscope patterns on tunic dresses and microscopic miniskirts. Mary Jane shoes couldn’t compete with funky platforms and go-go boots.

For men, the 60s style relaxed the typical suit, tie and hat wardrobe. Ties were thinner and jackets looked hip, though the real freedom came from replacing a daily dose of slacks for a pair of jeans.

But the 70s weren’t as kind to men. Women’s fashion stayed bold and funky, though hot pants and bra burning did make a few headlines. Yet disco fever had a deadly and contagious influence on men’s fashion. How else can the male Baby Boomers explain bell bottoms, black satin, frilly collars worn under baby blue polyester jackets, Elvis sideburns or the imploding afro?

The Baby Boomers sparked a fashion revolution that was heavily influenced by a daily influx of music, news and advertisements from radio and television. This revolution still sways fashion designers today.  They are constantly reinterpreting the flair of the 60s and 70s, keeping the old trends alive while simultaneously breathing new life into them.

Most likely Baby Boomers will continue to influence fashion.  The skirt lengths may be longer and the ties a little wider, but just as they taught us how to dress and self-express, so they will teach us how to grow old and dress with style.

“first tribe of true digital natives” – genZ

“let me take a selfie” – GenY : ‘These youngsters are used to living a fast-paced, technology driven and autonomous lifestyle.’ “digital life”

“Gen Y has a huge influence on the older generations and is becoming the trendsetter through different industries, from food to fashion.”

Key traits of GenY : Very social, tech savvy-always have their phones handy, expect technology to work, crave adventure, like sharing ideas (appreciate acknowledgement & feedback) , passionate about values.

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