Final piece 

For my final piece I developed a Brazilian dance inspired collage in the styles of Lisolette Watkins, Michael Roberts & Suzan Drummen. During my development stage I created a collage that had Roberts outography technique and Drummen’s use of diamanté. So to progress this into my final stage I used Lisolette’s bold lines to define specific areas of my design further and make it that bit more intricate.

I referred to my primary photos of Revs de Cuba for inspiration of the head piece and to link it all back to localism, as I don’t have to leave Manchester to experience different cultures. I also included the Crispy Couture dress piece to my collage as it is locally handmade in Lancashire and they up cycle material and recycle crisp packets in their products which are all individual so no one has the same. This is a lovely concept and I chose to involve this in respect of the original work I researched of the underpaid workers in third world country’s, and to demonstrate that there are alternatives to buying from chainstores, a global concept.

If I could do things differently I would have used acetate instead of tracing paper as that’s the next best thing for the purpose I originally used tracing paper for; it allows me to see the background I layer behind the piece much clearer!


What’s more is when I scanned it and opened up photoshop, adding layers behind was grainy which meant it was too difficult to include to the groups final piece and too late to ask for Sam’s assistance.



Below are the development stages of my final piece with a couple of images I merged on fused, I decided to include these because the screening filter allowed the lights behind the secondary photo to compliment the white outline of my work, again bringing an emphasis on Lisolette’s style and making my piece really pop.



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