For our project brief we had to explore the theme Global v.s Localism.

I believe I have applied myself to my best capability given the circumstances, as there was a slight misunderstanding interpreting the brief and I feel there was a miscommunication during my first and last tutorials. This meant I had to start a new sketchbook as I was going off track during my development by exploring the negative effects of Globalism such as sweatshops, as opposed to researching areas of cultural appropriation and to simply form a collage representing multicultural identities within the city of Manchester.

The aspects throughout the project that I am eager in developing further would definitely be the inductions for example book binding, as this seemed to be an efficient and sophisticated way of presenting work and even though for our final piece we made a zine, book binding will be essential for future projects. Additionally I was drawn to the Japanese industrial printer we were introduced to in the induction, because it’s much neater than screen printing and great for mass production. However I am aware there are limits for example the maximum print size it A3 and there are few colours to choose from to print in.

Personal areas for improvement would be annotation & reflection, because it would make my project development a lot more coherent. From now on I will do this differently by adding a little bit each night and that way, my peers, tutors and myself can pin point when and how I went in the wrong direction and can learn from these mistakes. Nonetheless this mistake was a blessing in disguise because when I started my new sketchbook as I wanted to improve my work and respond to tutor feedback, I changed format and scale and it was less of a challenge to work in A4 than A3. Perhaps this is a psychological thing but it felt less daunting and more accomplishable.

The key strengths of the work I have produced I would say is the fact that I eventually embraced my own multicultural background and this was the point at which I had an epiphany for my final piece idea, whilst doing relevant, up to date research on current immigrants and their experiences integrating into the UK. As a fellow immigrant I felt what a better person than to evaluate myself and explore my own cultural background, use my family as inspiration as well as explore different multicultural communities in Manchester. This proved successful as I felt confident enough to research, develop my ideas and resolve my final design all within a week.

What are the key things I’ve learnt, to re-revise the brief over until I completely understand what it is that is wanted from me. And attend more tutorials than just two as this allows for better communication and for me to realise when I went wrong at an earlier point of the project. I’ve also learnt that taking pictures of my work as I go along is a great way of documenting in cases of losing my sketchbook again, which is what unfortunately happened.

For the next project I will be more devoted to organising myself, so I have back up plans incase anything turns out wrong. I do now realise though that because this is the first project there is always something that won’t go to plan and that’s how we progress forwards, by avoiding it in future. 

“The most important thing in life is learning how to fall.” 


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