The Archivist

Archivist Editions

antenne.books.Archivist, Zero_1.jpg

I think that the minimalist approach which the Archivist takes for the layout format is appropriate to it’s content material as it is a collection of independent artists’ work which might not necessarily relate to one another. Therefore the whitespace directs ones attention to see the images as a separate piece and allows them to appreciate and study it without much written interference. Meanwhile other publications such as Marie Claire and Vogue overwhelm the consumer with information and advertisement.

I especially admire the fact that the Archivist takes on a ‘unique view’ on the fashion industry as it showcases emerging talent instead of producing seasonally for promoting purposes like Vogue do.


Vogue promoting H&M

Inspired by the archives minimalist approach I’ve used the same technique on my blog but since it’s reflective written work with illustrations I realise it’s not the same. Despite this I still feel it organises my thoughts and actions coherently so the development stages of my work are clear.


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