The Gentlewoman 

“A virtual place where real women, real events and real things are enjoyed.”

I admire the fact that this is a feminist magazine which has more to it than just promoting an aspirational look and instead, it celebrates empowering women’s personal style. For example their  interview with Beyoncé discussed her role as a business woman and recent mum as well as being renowned for her music promoting female independence. I feel that there should be more publications like this which encourages young girls who are easily impressionable to view these icons as regular day to day people who are influential in so many more ways than just their image to the outer world/ how commercial publications portray them. 

“I’ve never really told anybody who I am.” 

What’s more, I’ve noticed in this shoot they did of Beyoncé, she’s completely herself, with no makeup as if to represent her true self and not make her something she’s not, this is definitely reflective of the content in the interview. 

I could apply this practice into my own work by seeking the opinions of those I never really would have thought of before, such as getting a family member involved, as each person has their own different thoughts and could potentially inspire you, or even better contribute towards an epiphany in ones project!


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