‘Fad-ulous’ on InDesign

For this workshop we worked in pairs to design a four page zine, related to us as Fashion Art Direction Students, and the course.

My peer and I planned the zine on paper before starting the workshop, and decided it would be called FAD-ulous! Since this took two sessions, looking back I’d say it was difficult to get a hang of InDesign, but by the next session I hardly needed Sam’s assistance!

It was a throughly enjoyable process and for me personally the front page of the zine which was a collage of three artist’s work was rewarding because, although it was what took up a lot of time and care, it’s composition and colour is aesthetically pleasing… Plus the repetitive processes I had to go through were good practice. I thought the app layout was similar to MicrosoftWord but with more tools available including the same ones from Photoshop.

We aimed to making the zine as visual as possible as that’s what FAD’s about and I feel that the font for Hassan Hajjaj and Stella Jean were more than appropriate, for example the textures and patterns in Stella’s work were also reflected in her name.

After this session our group decided that it was official that we would make a fold-up zine for our final piece, and the layout would be 8 pages including a front and back cover and then when opened as a flat A3 poster, on the reverse side there will be a compilation of all our collages to form one big one. This is perfect for our project as our individual collages explore different local cultures, and the assemblage is representative of the diverse lifestyles globally.

Liss and Spenc final coverLiss and Spenc final pg1Liss and Spenc final pg2Liss and Spenc final




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