Jamie Hawkesworth

Whilst studying Jamie’s online portfolio it is apparent that he has acquired a documenting style to his photography in fashion and tells a story through his images. They appear to have been choreographed, sharp and surreal. 

I’ve noticed that even for the campaigns such as Miu Miu which he’s recently worked for, his style stays the same, as it states in The Business Of Fashion how ‘he insisted on travelling alone on the Trans-Siberian Express to take the textural pictures that would sit alongside the campaign’s more traditional images of models shot in a studio’. This demonstrates that even for campaigns and catalogues he’s  staying true to his own style of using daylight and isn’t enticed as such to studio /unnatural environments.

The work he does, ‘The Graceful Wisdom of Setsuko’ & ‘Kashmir reborn’ in the WSJ magazine, are relevant to my project because I feel the traditions of both cultures have been captured realistically and therefore authentically. An example of this is the ‘Gujjar woman’ who participates in Shepherd Crafts, a project that encourages nomadic craftspeople to sell their wares to outsiders. I appreciate how the different tones of red scattered throughout the image creates balance and pops from all the other neutral colours. Jamie also uses natural light to highlight the foreground and background adding layers of depth to the photo and drawing our attention to the woman’s sunken, hooded eyes. It’s interesting how the shadow creates a subtle, Frida Khalo-like monobrow as well. 

I would love to travel and document the world through a lense, and Jamie Hawkesworth has reignited that spark of ambition back in me! But for now I’ll have to stick with Bill Cunningham’s way of documenting local styles and perhaps take it that little further by making it relevant to my project and exploring the diverse culture of Manchester through visits to Chinatown, the Curry Mile (Rush Holme), Bem brazil, and other places which are multicultural. 







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