Indesign: Moodboard

Thoroughly enjoyed this session, but since it was a little too late in the project for a Moodboard of our topic and the day before Halloween my peer and I decided to celebrate it by doing an A3 montage poster of Morticia. I can officially say I know how to use indesign (the basics anyway). I will certainly be using it again for the next project if not before as it is a great layout program that’s in some ways faster and more simple to use than photoshop for example with typography. 


Photography session with Lucie 

We each had a digital camera to play with and familiarise ourselves with. I talked to Lucie about shutter speed and aperture, having explained to me how it all works really helped me understand the processes better. 

Unfortunately because there wasn’t a studio room available the room we were in had poor lighting so it was difficult to capture decent pictures. However, a poor workman always blames his tools! So after transferring the pictures onto photoshop I edited the using Curve to lighten the dark tones. 

The photos are documented in my sketchbook.

Below are some of the pictures I took on my phone. I also discovered Wetransfer through Lucie (a really useful app that lets you e-mail a lot of pictures in one go)!