Street Styles

During Induction Week we looked at a photographer, Bill Cunnningham.


He started photographing people on the street during WWII and continues to do so today. He has famously been contributing to the New York Times since.

What I admire about Bill Cunningham’s work is that he doesn’t capture these styles for money, so perhaps it is wrong to call it a job and more suitable to name what he does a hobby, ‘He did what he loved and got recognition for it’.

Personally the best part of the film about Bill was the Paris visit; I found it both amusing and impressive in the scene where it stated that Cunningham always knew which garments had been adapted by “phoney designers”.

In response to his work our group decided to individually explore different areas of Manchester to document ‘Street Style’ locally. During our regroup we categorised all our photos into similar styles, patterns and colours using a Pinterest board.


It was noticed that there was a positive correlation of certain styles that were recurrent to specific areas. For example my peer took pictures of shoppers in Afflecks Palace, Northern Quarter, and it is evident that those people had more of an acquired taste due to their attire being more individual, that in other areas such as Deansgate, where my pictures were taken. In specific to Afflecks, we noticed bright, dip-dyed hair was trending and used to compliment one’s own established style. Whilst on the high street stripes, flared trousers and tartan scarfs were only a few amongst the popular trends. This is when we concluded that our research encapsulated a strong relationship between trend and location.

However, we have also taken into account that individualism has escalated and become more important as technology advances; and becomes more accessible. One can easily be influenced by more than just one genre of music or culture. If anything we are perhaps a little overwhelmed by the amount of information we have with just the tap of one’s finger! Nonetheless, it means that street styles are becoming harder to fit into “fashion tribes” as they are a combination of different looks, such as high-end designer clothes with sportswear.


Street Styles: Exploring Trends & Location


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